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Award winning keynote:

What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection (30-60 mins)

Jia Jiang (2019 Golden Gavel Award winner) knows first-hand how the fear of rejection can hold us back. Our natural tendency to avoid it at all costs can be detrimental to our business, our careers, our lives. Determined to change that, Jia takes us down a path where rejection, instead of being avoided, is deliberately and actively sought. He asks complete strangers questions like, “Can I borrow $100? Can I speak over your store’s intercom? Can I get a burger refill?” The surprising answers led him to a whole new world. It may also teach you something you have never thought about before.


The Power of Rejection (1-4 hours)

Based on Jia’s #1 bestselling book - Rejection Proof, the workshop takes a deep dive into rejection proof principles to expose attendees to techniques in overcoming fears. The audience will learn to turn rejections to their advantage, give rejections, and get more acceptances. They will also go through “Rejection in the Wild” - an unforgettable, real life rejection-seeking exercise.

30 days challenge:

Executive Leadership DareMe Challenge (30 Days)

A revolutionary active-learning program researched and developed by Jia based on Rejection Therapy and social psychology principles. The 30-day challenge effectively motivates teams to improve soft skills, actualize culture/value, modify behaviors, build habits, increase activities and build camaraderie. The challenge topics are customized based on organizational goals. They include embracing rejection, building confidence, enhancing leadership, gaining focus/discipline, practicing sales, etc. 

* The challenge is limited to 25 participants. Additional participants will incur additional costs.


Challenge kickoff (in-person or webinar) (30 mins)

Jia will personally explain the 30-day challenge and motives your team to hit the ground running.


DareMe Team Challenge App (coming soon)

We are developing an enterprise app to facilitate soft skills building social challenges for employees. It’s coming later this year. Sign up for updates. 

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