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Choice 1: DareMe For You

Do you want to build confidence, become more disciplined, overcome rejection and enhance your relationships? Have the same old self-help books and courses gotten you nowhere? DareMe is here to build your habit and make you more successful.

Choice 2: DareMe For Your Team

Does your team buy into your company’s values and culture? Are they bold, focused and supportive? In one month, DareMe for Teams kickstarts real change to your team’s culture and dynamics as well as increase business activities. Guaranteed.

What is DareMe?

DareMe is a revolutionary action-based learning app that gives you daily social challenges in order to enhance your soft skills, build your confidence, and enable you to achieve your dreams. It is built by Jia Jiang based on Rejection Therapy and social psychology principles. After DareMe, self-development will never be the same, and neither will you.



I’m Jia Jiang.

I’m a TED speaker, an author and the founder of DareMe.


In 2012, after an investment rejection for my startup, I was down in the dark. To overcome my fear and get myself up again, I embarked on a journey called 100 Days of Rejection Therapy. It not only worked, but also changed me into a much more confident and charismatic person. I am still the same me, but a much better version. It was almost like I took a course that transformed me. But the truth was, I took no courses, watched no videos and read no books... and the ones I did take, watch and read were completely useless when I needed them anyway. What transformed me were actions - by putting myself in front of real people getting real rejections.

Since that day, I wrote a bestselling book, gave a highly popular TED talk, won the Toastmasters Golden Gavel Awards, and became a highly in-demand speaker. But I am not satisfied, because this is not about me, but about YOU. I want to help you and your organization to become your best version too.

So after years of research and experiment, I invented DareMe, an action-based learning system that gives you daily social challenges to learn soft skills. It works like magic for both people and organizations. I am building an app based on this concept, which will be released soon. But in the meantime, if you want to use it to transform yourself or your team, sign up and stay tuned!


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